Darwin Reforged

How to get started

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Getting started

Everything you need to know
-> Download the Conquest Reforged launcher.

-> Join Darwin Reforged using the default server list, or the ip above.

-> Type /plots to teleport to our plots world.

-> /plot auto to get your very first plot.

-> Get started with building!

-> Done? /plot submit.

-> Our reviewers review your work.

-> Promotion time! That was easy.

How we review your plot

Review Format

All Staff and Reviewer members have access to the plot review system, which means they can all perform Plot reviews on all ranked plot worlds.

All ratings are will have a minimum of 0.0 points, and a maximum of 20.0 points. The total score is the sum of all ratings.

The minimum scores to rank up per rank are as follows :

Apprentice to Builder : 75.0 points
Builder to Architect : 85.0 points


Has the builder truly shown proper skill?


Does the atmosphere tell a story? A temple should shout peace and silence, etc.


Use of detailing, variants, gradients etc. Does the plot look good?


Is everything in the plot used optimally? Random blocks thrown all over the place aren’t what you want to see


Has the builder been able to come up with ideas of their own? Shouldn’t just be a copy of somebody else’s plot

Command Reference

Getting started with our custom resources.

We offer lots of custom tools like WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, CopyPasta, SchematicBrushes, and many more. To learn how to get started with them, read the command reference.

The ranks

What do you earn?