The most important stuff.

Command Reference

We offer a variaty of plugins. Some publicly available for download and open-source, and some custom plugins made just for Darwin Reforged.

Listed here are the most important plugins which might look scary at first, but are actually super helpful!

Custom commands

By DiggyNevs


  • /discord
    • Outputs invites to Darwin, Kingdoms of Darwinia & Conquest Reforged.
  • /freeplots
    • Teleports you to FreePlots (51x51).
  • /hub
    • Teleports you to the Hub/Lobby.
  • /menu
    • Opens the navigation menu (GUI).
  • /plot submit
    •   Opens a new ticket for a plot review, also mirrors to Discord for reviewers.
  • /plots1-3
    • Teleports you to the plot worlds, depending on what number you append
  • /pworld setup
    • Architect only – sets up your private world, takes 20 seconds.
  • /pworld tp
    • Architect only – teleports you to the spawn point of your private world.
  • /relog
    • Only works when using the launcher – restarts your session, especially useful if teleportation commands aren’t working properly
  • /pi
    • Custom alias for plot info
  • Additional commands for PersonalTime, Nucleus, WorldEdit, PlotSquared, SchematicBrush and YourCustomPaintings