To introduce those who are currently unfamiliar with the Conquest Reforged mod and community, @Arcanusmc has written a quick introduction to some of the key features of the Conquest Reforged mod, and the Darwin Reforged community server. For questions you are always free to join our Discord here.


Conquest Reforged

Conquest Reforged is a mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 that is based upon on the legendary Conquest_ Resourcepack by Monsterfish_. The original resourcepack added a large collection of extra textures through the use of metadata’s, which were discontinued by Mojang in 1.8. Conquest Reforged is continuing this legacy, and expanding Minecraft building into a whole new realm of possibilities with a range of revolutionary features:

  • Hundreds of new textures, each with their own connected textures and variants.
  • Custom 3D models and brand-new block types such as horizontal slabs and stairs.
  • Dozens of new decorative items such as furniture, roof beams, tools and even carts.
  • Flora and Fauna has never been so lifelike, with placeable animals and a seemingly endless library of plants and nature blocks at your disposal.
  • Revolutionary new menu system, blocks are categorised with builders in mind, and the brand-new block selection wheel GUI which makes finding your favourite textures even easier.
  • Custom launcher with auto-updater for easy installation.

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Darwin Reforged

Darwin Reforged is a community focused creative server that is powered by the Conquest Reforged mod for Minecraft 1.12.2. Darwin Reforged is the ideal place to pursue your building passions, whether you prefer building solo or with others. Boasting a community of over 3.500 unique members, an active discord and one of the most artistically talented communities in the world, there are plenty of reasons to come and join us on Darwin Reforged. But no need to let the numbers talk, here are some of the features you will discover on the server:

  • Ranked plots of various sizes to test your skills and unlock more perks on the server.
  • Freebuild plots for those who are building for fun but still like working within the constraints of a small area.
  • Several free build worlds on large custom worlds for those who want the freedom to build whatever the please, or maybe just builders who don’t like making their own terrain.
  • Frequent contests pit builder against builder in a variety of team and solo contests, with prizes and glory on the line.
  • There is always a community project running on Darwin Reforged to get involved in. Currently the team is rebuilding and finishing the massive hub city and the surrounding mountainous countryside.
  • Build battles are a fun way to pass the time, with a random theme to keep you on your toes and a time limit to keep the pressure on. Battle for prizes in staff-run build battles, or maybe just proving that you are truly the best builder around!

For more information visit the rest of this website.

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