Kingdoms of Darwinia

You begin your journey. New to Darwinia, it’s up to you to forge your own path, and to carry out your life as you will it. We look forward to seeing you grow with the world and hope you enjoy your journeys in this land. Welcome to Kingdoms of Darwinia.

After several weeks of digital facelifts, both behind the scenes and on in front of them, our website is finally finished. We had some server issues on DR so we had to push the Darwin Evolved update almost a month earlier than originally expected, which in turn caused Kingdoms of Darwinia to be put on hold until the full power of the Staff team would return. Luckily Evolved dropped like the bass at a good party, and we have had no complaints or major bugs to fix, and KoD is almost back on track.

Improved design and usability of all aspects.

But, this post is not about Kingdoms of Darwinia. Instead, it’s about the shiny new website you’re reading this post on. We have redesigned it from the ground up to showcase information about our ranking system, review system, Darwin United committee, command wiki and.. our awesome new partners!

Yes! That’s right, we have partnered with some awesome servers and streamers. Builder’s Refuge, Cubed Community, Westeros Reforged, ArdaCraft and A’therys join Darwin Reforged in a partnership that will support not only all servers, but also the entire Conquest Reforged community.

But of course we couldn’t do it ourselves, luckily we are strengthened by some amazing streamers. Cerulean Capuchin, Viggoman, Dukonred1, King0light, Lord Dakr & TomWTG power the community by showing of not only their own skill, but also showing the possibilities of the Conquest Reforged mod and community.

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